Cancellation policy
Cancellation conditions
Cancellation conditions
You can cancel within 24 hours of booking or up to 30 days before the tour start date to get a full refund.

You can reschedule the date or time of your experience up to 72 hours before the experience start time.

Canceling a rescheduled experience
If you reschedule a tour, it can be cancelled for a full refund within 24 hours of the original booking time or up to 30 days before the original start date.

If the tour is cancelled later than 30 days (or 24 hours) prior to departure, the tour operator has the right to charge the full price of the tour.

Customer's right to cancel the tour because of a major occurrence:
According to "General terms for package tours" a customer has the right to cancel the tour because of a major occurrence. However, Wet Weim Adventures applies to these tours the law for package tours which gives a tour operator the right to charge a reasonable compensation for necessary costs caused by the cancellation (like pre-paid accommodations, workshops etc). Any refund the tour operator possibly gets from the companies, as well as the own profit, will be refunded to the customer.

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