We all have tons of questions and doubts regarding Covid-19, and booking a tour at this period of time - is no easy decision to make!
First of all, what we really do not want is to sell a tour in which you will not be able to participate. Period! We updated our cancelation and refund conditions so that our new policy better corresponds to today's "new normal":

- We will refund the full amount without additional questions if you decide to cancel your booking at least 2 weeks before the tour date.

- In cases where there are less than 2 weeks left, our reservation system allows you to apply for additional insurance by simply selecting a check-box during the booking process. Our partner undertakes to refund the full amount if you are unable to postpone the date or to attend at all. The conditions are available here.

- If the reason for cancellation is related to COVID-19 restrictions (travel restrictions, quarantine, self-isolation, etc.), we will refund the total amount even if less than 2 weeks remain before the tour date.

Like all of you - we miss new experiences, adventures, and trips! You are the most essential component of our tours because it is you who help our little community of nature guides to improve, develop new routes and contribute to sustainable travel. Always, from the very beginning, we made every effort to make our services safe, in all respects. Focus on initial instruction, safe inventory, mandatory use of vests, etc., and since last season we have learned to work in COVID-19 conditions.

Our tours take place outdoors, in small groups, and away from crowds. We recommend participants to come to the start by their own transport, and if transportation by our minibus is required - we limit the number of passengers, of-course it is necessary to wear masks. All equipment in service is frequently washed, and touched surfaces (paddles, vests, armrests, binoculars) are additionally disinfected. Also, we will give up reusable cups for this season, unfortunately, but we will use paper ones.

We consistently supervise and, if necessary, remind all participants to comply with the essential hygiene requirements.
When you are ready to paddle - you will be able to choose an even greater distance - because water is not only life but also freedom of movement!
Sincerely your's,
Wet Weim founder, guide
Janis Zekanis

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