Guided canoe tours in Lithuania


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All inclusive guided canoe trips through the Lithuanian national parks. Wet Weim Adventures will show you some of the most spectacular clear lakes, rivers, wild life and scenic views our country has to offer. We provide you with premium handmade cedar strip canoes and top of the line equipment for your total comfort. Our experienced guides ensure your safety throughout the trip.

Guided tour


Location: Dane river, Klaipeda
Welcome to a night time guided tour of Klaipeda aboard our hand made wooden canoes. This late evening visit will give you a great opportunity to admire the beauty of illuminated buildings and embankments in the quiet atmosphere of a Dane river!

We shall explore embankments of the oldest city in Lithuania paddling a canoe lighten by a real torch.

Difficulty: easy; Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours; Distance to paddle: 4,5 km; Starts daily 22:00, or on request, Price: 20 Eur per person

Spot coordinates: 55° 42' 35.34", 21° 7' 56.9"

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Guided tour


Location: Plateliai lake, Zemaitija National Park
Discover the beauty of the largest and the deepest lake in Zemaitija region, famous for its gorgeous natural surroundings and its cultural significance. We will guide you through these crystal clear waters so that you can truly enjoy something that we call the “Wet Wet Experience” – a combination of leisure paddling and a gourmet picnic.

The Crystal Clear tour takes you along a well-known path of Plateliai archipelago in its unique, entertaining and memorable way. We know how to make sure you have an exciting outdoor adventure at an easy pace.

Difficulty: easy; Duration: 6-8 hours; Distance to paddle: 9 km; Price: from 50 Eur per person

Spot coordinates: 56° 2' 19.28", 21° 51' 16.06"

Guided tour


Location: Cape Vente, Nemanus Delta Regional Park
Ever wondered what does the bird paradise look like? The Bird Watch tour will give you precisely that - the sense of freedom and wilderness. The shallow waters of the Curonian Lagoon share the confluence of the Nemunas and the Minija Rivers, where bulrush kingdom provides a shelter for millions of birds that migrate through these territories every season.

We will take you to the “hard to reach” spots that are only accessible by canoe. Thus, paddlers will admire the beauty and grace of the resting birds and undoubtedly the most spectacular panorama of the Nemunas River delta.

Difficulty: easy; Duration: 7-9 hours; Distance to paddle: 12 km; Price: from 60 Eur per person

Spot coordinates: 55° 21' 34.02", 21° 14' 46.82"

Guided tour


Location: Curonian lagoon, Kursiu Nerija National Park
A unique combination of wind, water and sand has been shaping this narrow strip of land since the beginning of time. Today it is known as the Curonian Spit and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. There is plenty to see here: the migrating dunes, the wildlife, the old fishermen villages and, the last but not the least, the Pervalka Lighthouse. We believe that the combination of the spectacular nature, cultural and historical heritage and a truly unforgettable cedar canoe paddling experience makes this tour one of a kind.

Take a chance to experience a unique place in an unforgettable way. Paddle your cedar strip canoe towards that dune. Make yourself comfortable in our stylish outdoor chairs and enjoy our legendary Wet Weim picnic basket.

Difficulty: easy; Duration: 6-8 hours; Distance to paddle: 9 km; Price: from 68 Eur per person

Spot coordinates: 55° 25' 10.32", 21° 6' 50.46"

Guided tour


Location: Galve lake, Trakai Historical National Park
One of the major landmarks in Lithuania, Trakai Castle, needs no introduction. Built in the 14th century, the castle used to serve as the residence for the Grand dukes of Lithuania. Nothing can compete with the breathtaking views of this tour, moreover, there is so much history to discover! The former capital with all the ancient castles is surrounded by five lakes and dozens of islands where you can relax and enjoy snacks from our gourmet picnic basket.

A truly exquisite experience for those who enjoy being outdoors and never stop learning.

Difficulty: easy; Duration: 4-5 hours; Distance to paddle: 10 km; Price: from 60 Eur per person

Spot coordinates: 54° 39' 5.01", 24° 55' 52.66"